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    Hi everyone!

    I finished my site a while ago, but I’m looking to spruce it up a little bit. I’ve had a lot of good feedback from clients and business associates.
    But now I would like some feedback from professionals!

    My site is here:

    What do you think? Any suggested improvements?

    Any SEO tips would be appreciated too!

    I look forward to all your comments.



    1. Traffic rank at the bottom is not needed and may actually damage your credibility.
    2. I don’t really like the picture of you in a space suit. The suit itself is fine, but I think an opaque visor would look better.
    3. I don’t think I like the gradient you’re using for your header. A solid color might look better.
    4. On your package page, the unordered list is in a serifed font. The rest of your site is sans serif. It looks like it isn’t supposed to be there.
    5. Your links have the same appearance as regular text. You have to hunt them down.
    6. Star deal content is graphical. You’d probably be better off styling it with CSS and using textual content. It’d get you slightly better Google juice.


    1. I like the mouse over effect on your navigation. It’s smooth.
    2. A lot of the illustrations are cute.


    Hi deli,

    First of all thank you for your reply and all of the thought that went into it!


    1. I put that on there last week just as a test, I’ve removed it now.
    2. I’ve removed the photo, leaving just the opaqued visor
    3. It didn’t look right in a solid colour, but you are right there was something wrong with it. I have altered the gradient a little, I think it looks better, would you agree?
    4. Well spotted, I have changed it to a sans-serif font.
    5. I have underlined all links.
    6. I agree with you, but I couldn’t get this to look right cross-browser, so I have all the text indented to -9999px so google will see it.


    1. Thank you, the menu idea was from this MIT genius:
    2. Thank you :)

    If anyone else has any comments I’d love to hear them!


    i like it, pretty cool illustrations. website looks nice and need. i would decrease the font size by a wee bit.


    Well, I can’t offer a professional opinion since I am probably the furthest thing from being a professional web designer.

    1. I’m not a big fan of the white text over the background. Just my 2cents, but I think that the text would look better with a separate background behind it like you have on some of the pages off the home page.
    2. It’s hard to articulate, but the background itself seems to show too much on the site. Perhaps you could break it up horizontally like at rockettheme home page.



    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all of your comments, I’ve implemented a few of them. But as for the ‘white text, black background’ thing. For now I want to keep it as it is, but next time I change the site I will bear that in mind and try something different.

    Thanks again!


    I agree you should keep the white text on black and that some of the illustrations are nice. (though using a web for your website services icon is cheesey) Did you make these illustrations?

    To me, the site seems crowded. It would help a lot just to add some move vertical space… put some negative space above and below the masthead as well as the menu. Add a bit more leading (line-spacing) in the paragraphs (should be 120 to 150% of your font-size as a rule of thumb). Add a bit more space between paragraphs. Etc…

    Also, give me bigger images in the portfolio. And a side note… Easy Life Computers… Never (well, almost never) use a script font in all caps. The flourishes never work together.


    Most web designers recommend having an adequate amount of "white space." I guess this is more difficult for sites with dark themes. Again, I don’t like the text over the background image.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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