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    G’day. I am making a website and have a major issue that has clouded my clear thinking for over a week now. I am no pro at this and can’t afford to pay the local designer here 600 bucks for a single page. So have resorted to doing this myself.

    I have included a link to a zip file [Your text to link here…]( “(link here)”) that has everything for the base website template I am making and have issue with. It’s basically a mash of several ideas I have borrowed from numerous places on the WWW. I have also included a link for you at [Your text to link here…]( “”) to view the website on the WWW and see the issue I am having :)

    I have cleaned the html code as best I could and reduced the fat to focus on the issue, which will be obvious once viewed.

    I have looked everywhere for a solution, tried numerous ideas, but the simple fix apparent to all eludes me. I have blended “picturefill.js” [Your text to link here…]( “(view website) “) to work with “responsiveslides.js” [Your text to link here…]( “(view website)”) with no problem.

    I have then included a transparent border to frame and overlay the slideshow and here is my problem!

    Everything is responsive…happy with that. The slideshow however, will NOT sit inside the middle of the transparent border I have made at screen resolution less than 1280×1024.

    Do forgive me for asking you to open the contents of the zip file to view the website I am making…it’s the only way I figured to explain things without confusing the hell out of everyone. It’s under 3mb in size. I have included a link to the “demo” above, if you just want to have a look.

    I think I have a problem with positioning the slider DIV to fit…duh

    Any help or advice will be great and I know the solution is staring right there at me but I am rather brain dead at the moment. Thanks in advance.

    ps…I am not one for posting in multiple forums at other sites, but this time I have posted on another forum (smashingmagazine) elsewhere and have yet to receive any advice. Hope that doesn’t put anyone off :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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