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    Hello everyone, I present Coloraiz, is an open source project that integrates a quick palette of colors in CSS through classes, EC also a full version in SCSS to be even more “comfortable.”

    Not really much to explain then, you will understand better after visiting the website (

    The project is still under development, for now the colors available are few, but each has 13 shades. They are 6 light and 6 dark, the 13th is the starting color.

    purple-l6 // lighter color
    // purple base color
    purple-d6 // darker color

    For property using classes I mean something like bootstrap. To give just a background to give a class “.bg-colorName” while the text just the color name (ex. .colorName)

    Otherwise, to use the SCSS version you make a simple “@import” of the file “colors.scss”.

    @import ‘colors’

    In the site you will find a grid of colors and a download button, the resources may be outdated, so I recommend to check back often because every day we add something new, to be always sure council directly link the style sheet:

        <Link rel = “stylesheet” href = “; />

    Tell me what you think, and thanks for your time!


    I love the idea of pre-populated color palette options, but I would offer up the following suggestions to transition your CSS from a personal project to something more framework-orientated.

    Adopt a CSS Prefix and a more standardized naming system.

    Right now you’re using a format of [color]-[saturation_level] which is nice, but it seems like you could be more specific. You’re also prefacing any background with bg- which seems like it could cause a lot of confusion as quite a few other frameworks utilize bg-.

    Instead you could do something like this:

    .cz-purple-1 { color: #a577cd; } { background-color: #a577cd; }

    Don’t worry about ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’

    If every base color comes in a fixed number of shades (right now it’s 13) … why not just stick with that. Make that your maximum number of shades and then in your formatting -1 is always the lightest and -13 is always the darkest.

    Pop this on a CDN

    You don’t want people linking to if this becomes popular! Make sure people are only ever pulling from a CDN you’ve uploaded the code to and save yourself a potential headache in the future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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