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    I absolutely love CodeKit for compiling SASS, but I can’t for the life of me get the preview function to work with MAMP Pro without screwing up WordPress site titles, URLs, and any word in the text that happens to be equal to the MAMP url.

    For example, I have a local site with a MAMP URL of http://chance, and CodeKit’s Preview server will change that to http://lees-macbook-pro.local:5757. No problem. That works. But CodeKit also changes every single instance of the word “chance” in the entire site to “lees-macbook-pro.local:5757.” Everything — WP site title, WP site url, even every single instance of the word “chance” in the body text.

    Now, this isn’t permanent, mind you. If I go back to cruising the MAMP site, everything is fine, but it’s difficult to work on the design of a site with all these unintended changes that in some cases break the design.

    Has anyone experienced this same thing and found a workaround? I’d really like to work with the CodeKit preview function, but I’ve been having to use other methods. Never ran into this problem with 1.0, but 2.0 uses a toally different method. I did find this thread on Github, but there’s been no discussion since September:


    — Lee


    The developer wrote back to me on Github with a solution. In MAMP, you have to use qualified URIs or CodeKit will change every word of the URI it finds anywhere.

    So in MAMP, instead of using:



    Now, to change all of these in my DBs….

    — Lee


    Thanks for checking back in with the solution :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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