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    One of my friends and client uses Joomla for his business and uses a template that’s super slow. So I told him I’d be able to make the javascript portions out of only html and css, and should help immensely with the speed of the site. However, I have never worked with php/cms so far, and just started reading Chris’s wordpress book.

    So the jsfiddle I linked is the nav bar for the site (most of it at least) and have a couple questions..

    • When you link to something in your CMS is it the same as a non-cms site? href=”what/ever”
    • Will my current page work normally? Am I able to change the body ID for every page and then use that to see the css for the current page?

    Edit: Validates fine, some problems with the css3 validation. But in IE 5-7 its a mess. The links stack on each other instead of being displayed inline. I first had it set to float, then tried in-line block on both the li and the li a, no go. If anyone has any ideas for that, it looks like they are being cleared or something.


    Hi Jaeger,

    In the CMS’s I know, the links are all standard anchor links with the href attribute.

    The pages are however dynamically created. so whatever you want to fix, you should fix in the template.

    Inside the template, you can check through Joomla functions, what page is currently being rendered.

    I have not build a site in the latest version in Joomla, but in 1.5 there was a command: JRequest::getCmd(‘option’); which I have often used to determine what is going on the page.

    You will find the template files in Site_root/template/template_name e.g. public_html/template/my_template

    Check the index.php file in that folder. At least in 1.5 that was where everything happened.

    I do hope that helps,

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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