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    For example I make a post with the url:

    Inside that post is a wordpress gallery with a couple images.

    Can I get the images in that post to have their own custom url like so:

    Those urls would link to the individual images of the post gallery. I would also like to have my own code template to display those images.

    Is this possible? I know it’s a weird request.


    The easiest solution for this is for each image be its own post and have the permalink be %category%/%postname% where %category% will be whatever category you place that post under (uncategorized default).



    What exactly are you trying to achieve? You just might be fighting the tool, rewriting it. WordPress manages the media for you and has available functions to get the data you want, all you have to do is design a template.


    You can re-write this at server level, it would make more sense than creating a plugin. But again, I don’t think the question here is can it be done, many thing can be done, but why and should it be done. What happens when WordPress releases a breaking change, are you willing to maintain that plugin? Just doesn’t seem productive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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