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    accept the… can anyone know the best website to learn HTML, css n js..

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    Before you attempt to learn JS and jQuery, I’d strongly recommend learning (and becoming comfortable with) HTML and CSS. There are many places on the web to learn HTML and CSS, but I’d personally recommend purchasing a book. The advantage to learning from a book as opposed to learning from a website is that you can make notes directly in the book; you cannot necessarily do this on the web. You’ll want to develop in a text editor, as that’ll be the environment in which you’ll want to develop once you do become familiar with HTML and CSS.

    So, in short, purchase a book if you want to learn HTML and CSS. I recommend CSS: The Missing Manual and HTML: The Missing Manual

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    I used and really like HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites

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    Have you checked out “The Lodge”? It’s another project by Chris Coyier here of – I would recommend doing so. He goes through a complete website design and code.

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    I also much prefer books to websites and my favourite one for CSS is [AdvancED CSS]( “”) by Joe Lewis , Meitar Moscovitz, though you’ll probably want to have the basics down before you read it.

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    okay.. i got n totally agreed.. n also i got advanced css book..

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    Why not try:

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    Hi, w3shcools is good but they don’t explain the topic very clearly. I think you should check []( “HTML/CSS Tutorials”). This site has great tutorials on HTML/CSS. I like this, they explains the topic very clearly.

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    Why not try:

    treehouse is better than college.

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    I agree on teamtreehouse I have a membership there. The basics of HTML CSS and everything you need is there on that website. simple and yet amazing. Try it

    # May 18, 2013 at 10:16 am

    I find codeschool allot better. Some courses are free. I think HTML/CSS you can learn for free. Teamtreehouse makes me feel kinda awkward because of the way some of the instructors act. Just wanted to mention that.

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    There is an html course and a css course over at w3university – check it out Your text to link here…

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    I think this site provide you good start for learning css and html.

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    @robertsullivan w3schools has some useful information but some people disagree:

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