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    I am creating a website for a client where on his home page he has the top five calendar dates and on his actual calendar page he has all of his dates.

    Is there anyway to update the top five calendar dates on the homepage when the dates on the calendar page change?



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    Sure there are thousand ways to do that, which CMS do you use for it?

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    Well thats the problem I am having I am not using a cms

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    Do you use a database, or are you manually editing the files?

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    manually editing files

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    Well, why not edit the homepage at the same time?

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    I was just trying to find a way of not having to update it manually

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    I understand that. If you provided some information about the actual code you currently use, I could be more helpful, but it sounds as though you’ve made tasks like these harder for yourself than they should be.

    A database allows you to pull information easily in. Eg, your calendar page could use a query such as:

    SELECT * FROM calendar;

    While your homepage could use:

    SELECT * FROM calendar LIMIT 5;

    If you are using PHP, it would be fairly trivial to do this without a database, and my advice would be to have a calendar script with the data that is then imported into both the home page and the calendar page.

    In summary: I’m happy to help, but you might need to give a little more detail.

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