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    I’m putting together a site via Squarespace for a client of mine. I’ve put together a few sites Squarespace before, it works for me, i’m not a coding expert but i can usually fix/solve most issues i have.

    My client wants the thumbnails on Index pages (like this one) to be black & white then change to color when you hover over them. The “template” i am using is Avenue.

    I found a thread that someone started that had the same problem as me. Link to the thread.

    Someone posted some code that should’ve done the trick, i put it where its suppose to go, but its now doing the roll over effect on the galleries that are listed on the page, and not on the thumbnails.

    So does anyone who is familiar with Squarespace have a solution? I’ve googled it and a lot of people are wanting the same thing but i haven’t found anything so far that would help my particular request.


    We’d have to see the code and the site in question.

    No code dumps please, just the code that makes the effect.


    This code works in all my browsers.

    Check it out.




    It’s not a matter of the code not working…it’s a matter of the code applying where it’s not required.

    That’s why we need to see the site.


    Yeah, we need to see the example site.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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