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    Ok, so as many of you may have read, I’m at the point where I’m moving more toward getting an actual company rolling. Biggest thing to do is to keep collecting work and putting my name out there.

    In the past, it’s just been my name. I’d like to move away from that so when I really do switch into trying to do this full time, it sounds like a company name rather than just some guy’s name.

    The one name that I had been considering using was "Citrus Bunny Studios". Mainly because that was an alias I used for a tech blog, I had the domain name ( It was simple and creative. But the problem I’ve come up with was I get odd looks from older business people when I bring the name up. Bunny? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

    So in response to that I started considering a few different names. One of which was "Citrus Creative Studios". A bit more straight forward, but longer and slightly less creative (at least I thought so :P)

    My wife recently registered a name that she really thought was kind of between the two, "Citrusy Design". It’s a little more abstract, but short, simple, and I think it makes sense (imagery of citrus and design oriented).

    What do you guys think? Does the first one make sense? Does your eyebrow lift? Is the last one too off center?

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    I say Citrus Studios.

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    Citrusy just sort of looks awkward, which is something you also need to consider.

    Citrus Creative is nice, solid alliteration at play.

    Citrus Studio, Citrus Creative Studio are both decent as well.

    Definitely no Bunny.

    At the end of the day I’d go with Citrus Creative, though even simply "Citrus" would be fine. Then in your tag you could have "A Creative Studio".

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    I like Citrus too. It’s simple.

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    That is good feedback, and good to hear "no" on the bunny thing. I think I’m too subjective about it heh.

    Well, I think just "Citrus" will work and put "creative studio" in the name since I have the domain name for that. I was actually really bummed I couldn’t get any domain name that was just simply CitrusStuios or CitrusDesign, but I’ll just make due :)

    Thanks again, I appreciate the bounce back.

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    In the event anyone wanted to see it, I’ve finished rebranding. I hope I caught it all :P

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