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    Online shopping carts have become an important part of the websites of many of the leading companies. It helps people to do online purchasing easily.

    Online shopping carts should be 100% SEO friendly. Here are a few elements related to SEO friendly shopping carts.

    • SEO friendly shopping carts will have the maximum level of customization. This doesn’t mean just the looks and feel of the cart, but also includes the SEO of the individual pages. You can enter the keywords related to the products that you sell online.


    • A good shopping cart design will have all the popular fields like meta titles, page titles and meta keywords. This is prepared using the product information given in the corresponding pages. You don’t have to find options and enter this information later-on, during SEO process. The database can also be used for storing additional data, which can be later used for the SEO processes of the site.


    • An excellent shopping cart will be flexible enough to include necessary changes which can arise in future.


    • Good shopping carts should be capable enough to select the keywords entered in the space provided for additional information, like “special price”. Search engine crawlers look for good keywords, and hence love pages which are keyword rich. The keywords entered should be in synchronization with the need of the visitor.


    • Imagine that a visitor bookmarks your shopping cart page. If you update the content later, by adding more items or by making changes in the existing items, the visitor could be in trouble. Most of the shopping cart designs are made in such a way that the changes made in the dynamic content results in changes in the dynamic URL. The page may show a "page not found" or a custom error message, when the visitor comes back. To avoid this you should have static URLs.[/*:m][/list:u]

    Great tips!! :)


    Informative points for making seo shopping carts.I think that you should also use Keyword Stemming.A wider variety of keywords through keyword stemming also avoids keyword stuffing and repetitions that might blacklist a website from a search engine when it is actually not attempting to fool the search engine.


    Most free open source shopping cards have the option to use SEO modules, or you can find a SEO module on the net when you do a google for it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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