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    I usualy don’t work as frontend developer, so I have a question.

    Whats the ebst way to bugfix a design? e.g. To fix browser differences.

    And while im fixing one thing to not screw up other browsers that worked before?



    Well one way is to use developer tools like Firebug, for Firefox, to test potential fixes for bugs. Depending on the browser you are testing, you might have to download a plugin like Firebug. However, usually the issue comes with IE not supporting some rules. With that, to get to IE’s developer tool is by using the F12 key. This should bring up a tool similar to firebug. (Most browsers use F12 to pull up there developer tools)

    Also if you wanted to create a IE condititonal statement, which would affect the IE versions you want, check out this post:

    I am not sure what the best method is to view cross browser compatibility. But, I use Adobe Broswer Labs to view pages in multiple browsers.
    I hope this helped.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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