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    I have installed BT Floater the link i provided below is the site which is showing to have some problems. .
    Only on menu items “Stores” and “Deals”it doesn’t float. The module was working perfectly. To be honest, I was working on responsive version of the site, and probably did something wrong, but it has been long time since then and can’t remember properly. Could you help me with this issue,please? I am not able to find it myself. I would apprechiate a lot your assistance.
    Thank you in advance!


    I’m not sure what “BT Floater” is (it may always help, to give as much context as possible), but from what I can see (by looking at the page’s source code), both STORES and DEALS don’t even have sub-items to start with, so nothing will be shown in a submenu when you hover over those items.

    All the other items do have sub-items.

    Depending on how you configure the contents of your menu, you may want to check into that.


    @Shikkediel,as you can see i left a small note, in the second post. I apprechiate your time and all others time on my issue… FYI… The previous post was on Css Combat Forum. I realized that it wasnt css fault. I did the backups of its original css. Other people who work on marketing dep, changed something while they were trying to do something while i wasn’t present at work. And they told me today about that. Thats why i don’t know how to solve this and reposted the topic.
    Hopefully you don’t mind it.


    Nope it didn’t. I think i have to do what i hate the most. Unistall the extension and install it again and live with the mistery ” What happened?! ”



    @Shikkediel you were right, i had to add
    var $ =jQuery.noConflict();
    on the top of the fuction that used to do floating

    Thank you !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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