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    I am new to CSS, While working on a project i got an idea, instead of writing a code for cross-browser compatibity, why not give an option to upgrade the browser linked to the respective browser websites and upgrade option then and there within the browser, So that the user stays updated and we don’t have to break our heads with cross-browser compatability.

    Guys, if you have any suggestions or ideas in this regard, please reply to my post.

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    yup there are lots of sites that now do this for IE6, Chris actually has a tutorial on CSS Tricks for something like that…

    There are lots of others if you search the web along those lines :)

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    thanks a lot but that one is only suggesting an upgrade, i want an option for the browser to automatically upgrade on its own.

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    "rchaitanyareddy" wrote:
    thanks a lot but that one is only suggesting an upgrade, i want an option for the browser to automatically upgrade on its own.

    Even if this was possible, it is not only not unethical, but illegal in most if not all countries. It would be no different than someone spreading a virus or malware program.

    If you don’t like the way your site displays in a certain browser, just give a note to the user that it won’t look correctly with their browser, and that they should use something else.


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    how come this option has become unethical and illegal, we are just suggesting and guiding the users to navigate to the latest version and install, after reaching the page whether installs it or not its his headache, what i meant was as we have plugins in mozilla which suggest us for upgrade and also guide us to install them, i want the same thing to be in my website. That’s it, and I am only encouraging for the new versions, so i am not unethical.

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    well that’s exactly what the IE script above does – you can put the text/links in to say anything you want – I choose to explain why, in my case, IE6 is evil and why they should upgrade.

    If you want something that will automate the process – it all still needs user input, and would probably never work because of the security risks. Whether I would class it as unethical or illegal I don’t know lol

    I suppose it is unethical to force something down on someone that hasn’t asked for it, and to be honest I would be a little peeved if I went to a site and it forced the install of another piece of software without my input – so I suppose that is unethical.

    So yea – what do you actually want to do? Install it automatically or just point with some good advice in the right direction…

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    If you want it to suggest an upgrade then grab the code over at

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