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    I am curious to know your opinions on the following …

    If you are a one man company is it best to brand yourself as a freelancer or a company? Should the words say “we” or “I”, should the domain name be the company name or the actual name of the freelancer etc? What are you thoughts?

    Also, should personal posts be put in a business blog? Both as a freelancer and as a company? Some people would say personal posts add character etc so not everything has to be technical etc. But some people would say personal posts look unprofessional, what are your opinions?



    If you’re doing business, you should still incorporate. This solves a myriad of problems you’ll potentially have down the line.

    Regarding the rest (I vs. we, personal posts), that’s all up to what kind of brand you want to build. A lot of people like to do business with a freelancer that puts themselves out there too. It makes people that don’t normally purchase things like that more comfortable.

    But it’s possible that you’ll miss out on some larger clients because of that. You just have to decide if those larger clients are what you want, or if they’re worth making you into something you don’t feel comfortable with.

    When I was freelancing, I would definitely play the part I thought would make the client most comfortable. When I nabbed a bigger contract for a company, it was business business business… but when I’m working with a small mom and pop restaurant, a few buttons get undone. No rules against it :)


    Ok thanks Shane.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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