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    I’m getting ready to redesign a website, however they want a secure reservation form on their website that accepts (but not processes) credit cards. They’d also like their clients to be able to fill out the form without logging in but have the option to log in and it remember certain details of information (i.e. name, cell #, and email address). Lastly, they want the want a reservation confirmation sent to the client and to a customer service representative.

    Here is a list of fields the form will capture.

    * Pick-up date
    * Pick-up time
    * Duration
    * Guest First Name
    * Guest Last Name
    * # of Guests
    * Cell Phone Number
    * Email Address
    * Preferred Vehicle Types
    * Extra Stops
    * Pick-Up Location
    * Drop-Off Location
    * CC #

    Can anyone suggest the easiest way to achieve this? I was considering Wufoo or FoxyCart but wasn’t for sure if those were the best options to meet their needs. Ultimately, they would like to avoid paying monthly for a form service, which rules out Wufoo or FoxyCart. If you know a good developer who could hard code this for me, I would appreciate a recommendation. I think if my client purchases a ssl certificate, this would be possible be the best route.

    Thanks in advance! :ugeek:

    # August 6, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    I have forwarded this post on to a colleague of mine. Something like this probably wouldn’t come cheap though.

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