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    maiden post
    using dreamweaver CS6
    In the layout.css file I am finding 3 instances of each div tag in the css panel which is a reflection of what is in the raw code.

    I am finding that changing properties in the first instance takes precedence in browser preview. Editing the other two instances seems to have no effect

    What is the purpose of the 2nd and 3rd instance

    thanks in advance


    Could be a specificity issue, but please specify what you mean in a code example, preferably in a demo.


    Or a media queries…that seems more likely.


    hmmm not sure how things work with code pen – i see the “posting code” guideline below so wont post it here.

    it is a simple thing to explain there are 3 instances of layoutdiv1 in the css only one is affecting the look of the preview. In other egs of DW css I find the same thing

    perhaps this is the wrong forum for such basic questions. Is there a forum that deals with entry level type questions such as mine?

    thanks btw for your answers so far

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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