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    I have created new Web site. When I replaced old one with new one using FTP it does not show background picture. I do not know how to fix it. What should i do?



    Without a link it’s hard to comment but the likely answer is that you haven’t uploaded the image OR that the image location in the URL in your CSS is now incorrect.


    To expand on what @Paulie_D said: You may want to double check that the file extension and case are the same as the original. This.file is not the same as this.file

    #113410 this is the website. And I am not really gooa at that but needed to finish it. I have checked the HTML folder and it has that background picture. It was showing before i published it using FTP. i have deleted old one and added new.


    So which background image is not showing up…is it the grass.jpg.

    I’m guessing that you haven’t uploaded it?

    Actually…from what I can see…the whole thing is a mess with divs/footer not showing etc…ahhh I see that they have white text…that’s part of it.


    When u go to website it shows white background. I suppose to be grass.jpg on the background


    yeah i had white text but my background picture was grass.jpg and it was showing. I have put picture and uploaded. How can we get it fixed?


    where did you upload it to? It’s not under the public_html directory. Is it in a sub-directory?


    I put it into HTML folder with other pictures and published using FTP


    I found it – it’s case sensitive. Grass.jpg is not equal to grass.jpg. Change the name of the file.


    But it was showing before i published it with FTP. SO s it only because of the name?


    basically i have same problem with Abbasov1 but now i tried to delete everything and re upload it again but the result was now index of. what is the problem with it guys? this is my url

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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