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    HI All,
    New to the forums, and from what I have read and seen I am very impressed. Here’s hoping my naivety doesn’t attract too much scorn.
    Well at the moment a friend has asked me to start building a site for his one man (well one man and 2 ladies) catering business target a particular market. He would like the site to incorporate the front page of new menus he is having designed by a graphic designer, but in addition to that he’d like to have part of the front page to have a few circles which rotate through a number of images from his range. The circles are also present on his menu, so he basically wants to transfer the "branding" style of his company menu through to the site.
    I had initially thought of getting the image from the graphic designer and using it as a background image to the body of the page. I then thought that as the background image is dark that I should add a semi transparent white background on top so that a content div could overlay the image. I also thought that where the circles are supposed to appear, perhaps I could put each of the cirlces in its own div and put them inline and perhaps use some javascript or swish to have each of these divs rotate through the images he would like displayed.
    I wondered whether this is the right kind of approach or am I over complicatiog things… or under complicating for that matter? If I had the images I’d try posting a representation of what I am trying to say but sorry don’t have them as yet.

    Cheers, and apologies for my naivety.


    HI box,
    Thanks for that advice. At present I’ve been doodling with pencil of paper, and will move over to using xara when the "background image" is sent over to me from their graphic designer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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