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    So I’m looking for an awesome web hosting company for my personal and maybe a couple more websites. So the stuff I do is mostly open source cms’s Joomla,WP,Drupal,Magento, and I do .NET sites at work. My current setup is an IIS with shared hosting and a simple control panel to manage my cms’s.

    Ideally, I’m looking for something with:

    *Amazing control panel

    *Probably open source, LAMP setup or even NgNix? I hear its pretty nice, but only if I can url rewrite easily with cms’s

    *Decent email servers

    *CMS support

    *Some kind of way to SVN to it?

    *Bonus-.NET support

    If you know a hosting company with some or all these hit me up! I want options! And I’m looking to spend ~20 dollars a month.

    This is for a few CMS’s (One might get huge!) and a playground for my sloppy code :)



    Oh my is this going to trigger some spam posts!

    I’ve been using mediatemple for a while now but wouldn’t recommend their Grid-Service (gs) – I find it to be quite slow at times. Their dedicated virtual servers are great, but much more than you’re willing to spend (with reason!).

    I’m still looking for a new service myself. Though it might not fit your needs, I’ve been looking into StableHost.


    Hey! Better not be spam posts! This is srs buznuss,
    Yeah, mt is notable for gs but not sure if I want to spend that much on hosting just yet until I find what I want to build on for a while…

    Stablehost is nice, but not sure how good their servers may be. I think they might be hiding some more details that I want to see!


    you betta count yo money, ghetto cowboy


    I highly suggest WestHost. Great prices, service, and offer numerous options, applications, etc.


    I would go with a local company if you plan on hosting client websites on your server, that way if anything goes wrong you know that they will be open during your business hours and if worse comes to worse you can always go down there and talk to somebody in person.

    Unfortunately for me, all of the local options are quite expensive and simply aren’t worth it. On the flip side, I also don’t host any client websites!


    @JoshWhite – You’re not the only one who hates CPanel


    I have been using IXWebhostingfor the last 8 years and have had no problems like down time. They have great customer support, and offer most of the features you are looking for at 7.95 a month.


    So far their are some good companies we have on here so far. . .

    Ultimately, whats I’m going for right now is something that I can FTP and get SVN support with? Know what I mean? I want to have a server that I can FTP with and do version control on those files does anyone know how/or dot this?

    Media Temple for the price probably has the best service so far, but I haven’t looked at the tech specs that I could use on them, I’m assuming LAMP stack.


    My suggestion is that you can go for HostMonsterWeb Hosting Company.It has the rating of about 98% and there is no cost for domain registration and setup.The disk space data transfer is absolutely unlimited for the customers.If you are not satisfied with their service, You can get back your money at any time.For all this service you have to pay $3.95/month.


    Well its been about a week, and after looking a bunch, for LAMP setup I’m going to go with (mt) and get a gs pack. I’ll see how it goes. I have several LAMP builds already so I’m kinda excited to see how they handle!

    Put suggestions if you got em!



    Please tell us about your experience with MT. I am in action and in need of good solid info on mediatemples services. Would love to hear about your initial reactions!

    Thanks upfront Vinnix!

    I am going to start accounts on hostgator and other less large services, just to try out their services. Will let you all know about my future experiences.

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