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    I’ve been playing around with anyslider and am finding it to be pretty close to what I’ve been looking for. Only problem is that I have a bunch of FLV files and I just cannot seem to get my code to work within the `

  • ` tags of the slider. I am using the anythingslider video.html demo as base code.

    I created My FLV Player code with Dreamweaver CS4 and plugged it into one of the `

  • ` sections of the slider. I also plugged the code in lower down, below the slider `` where it works just fine.

    I have also tried to enclose it within `

  • ` as well but that made no difference.

    When i view the page and move the slider to my flv slide all I get is the message and button from `

    ` at the bottom of the player object.

    If I can readily get FLV files to play then Anythingslider will truly be an answer to prayer!! Please Help!

    BTW, full disclosure: about 20 years ago I was a financial programmer on midrange systems (cobol, RPGII, BASIC) so I have a base understanding of logic flow. However, I have no clue about java, ajax or any other scripting language and I am only mildly literate regarding css. I have enough understanding of html to at least let me come up with reasonable questions to research. I say all this to simply request that I’m probably going to have a hard time understanding your suggestion so please be patient with me!

    Here’s a sample of the FLV player code code:

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# March 19, 2013 at 11:18 am

Hi Rick!

I don’t know if the FLV player you are using provides a javascript api, but one is necessary before the slider can control the video player.

The easiest solution would be to use [JW Player]( or [Flow Player]( (I think one of those does support the flv format). Then follow the instructions on how to control them in the [video page documentation](

Alternatively, if you know how to program in action script – I have no clue – you could [add your own javascript api]( to the player.

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