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    I am using anythingslider so that when it reaches the end of the slides it jumps to a new set. Loop is on and it is reloading the slider bcased on currentPage, exactPage, targetPage, and pages within the onSlideBegin callback.

    It works beautifully with the arrows, but I am putting in in an iPade app and am using jQuery mobile to add swipe instead of arrows. All the swipe solutions on gitHub use the sliders goForward/goBack which do not fire off the callbacks.

    Is there a way to make swipe remotely trigger the arrows (maybe listen for a swipe and then remotely click the arrows)? Or make goForward utilize onSlideBegin?

    I am finding clickForwardArrow (“click” “swipeLeft”) only means when you swipe directly on the arrow, is that correct?



    I found a solution.

    I wrote this function:

    function addSwipe(){
    $(".anythingWindow").swiperight(function() {
        $(".back a").trigger("click");
    $(".anythingWindow").swipeleft(function() {
        $(".forward a").trigger("click");


    and call it at “onInitialized”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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