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    Hi there,

    very new to jquery but actually managed somehow to get Anythingslider to work :o) .. well … almost. Only have one (major) issue. Upon page load it first loads all images before snapping back to the defined panel size which is – needless to say – terrible. I did do some google on that and found something telling me to specify the size in the *js rather than via css. Tried to change from NULL to the size I want in the *.js and set the panel size in the *.css to 0 and really wont load all images but screws up the whole thing instead. No Tabs anymore and after a few secs the whole thing disappears.

    If anyone has an idea how to get this done I’d appreciate it a lot.

    Thx an greetings from Germany


    Hi Mottie,

    thx for the hint. Now I know at least what the problem is, yet, not been able to solve it after reading through tons of different approaches some of which are “too complicated” for me I have to admit. The closest I got to was to apply a css display none to the ul but then the slides would not show up anymore (of course..). Was hoping to solve this by some (relatively) simple css or by adjusting the size as mentioned before but seems like this is too much of a headache for a non-programer – yet not completely clueless ;) … guy.

    The slider sits on a humongous page btw, which surely does not contribute to a solution .. its supposed to be a top stories news slider for a magazine on top of the homepage with six 600×300 jpgs as slides. Loading that just simply rips the whole page apart …


    I usually hide the all images except the first with css. This way I can avoid the problem of the images loading before javascript has kicked in. Of course this means that people with javascript disabled will only see the first slide, but I don’t generally put absolute vital information within sliders so I think they can live without it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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