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    Hello everyone. (Hey Mottie…:)

    (This is though a similar question to the one below but I need to pick up the thread again, hope that is alright.)

    I am using Anything Slider here:

    I have begun to embed video tutorials into the slider, and was thinking of ways of expanding.

    First thing I thought of was adding a title above the slider that would change depending on the active slide.
    How would I go about accomplishing this?

    Another thing that came to me was adding the written tutorials in a content area below the slider. Meaning when a specific slide is active with the specific tutorial, the belonging written tutorial will be below.
    How would I do this?

    Thanks for any replies!

    I think it is a great idea on how to show tutorials.

    Have a great day!


    Thank you Mottie!

    By either taking the above code or the code from the demo and putting it together it will work.

    Css and javascript in the head section.
    Html in the body.

    The one thing that is not mentioned is to remember to add:
    the link to for the 1.5 jquery.min.js

    How would I add the title (or some other text I choose to use) into the tab links?
    Instead of it saying 1-2-3-4 I want them to list the title, or a shorthand title I choose.
    How would I incorporate that?

    Where can I get information on how to customize things like this?


    There are several examples on how to use the “navigationFormatter” option.
    Wiki Usage page – basic example at the bottom:

    Wiki Navigation page – detailed explanation:

    The second slider on the demo page – check the source code.

    The first slider on the Fx demo page (using thumbnails) – check the source code.


    Greate AnythingSlider! Is this free to be used in my web site?
    For the sample demo (index.htm), if the video (using to include) is the final list item (i.e. delete the last 2 lists from slider1, and only 4 items left), it will not work in IE8, but it does work in others. If you use iframe to show the video, it is OK, but the current video-pause function doesn’t cover iframe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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