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    I am working on a WordPress theme, where I want to use two sliders on the front page. This works when I use the Weaver ii theme (, but when I try to do the same in my own theme, the second (sidebar) slider will not respond to autoplay: false, it will not scroll vertical and both sliders result in a slider height of 0.16666px, when I set resetContent to true.

    This is the script I use in the footer of the document:

    theme : “front”,
    autoplay: true,
    forwardText: “”,
    backText: “”,
    resizeContents: false,
    navigationFormatter : function(i, panel){
    return ;


    If you set the “resizeContents” option to false, you’ll need to define the width and height of each panel (#slider li { } ), so as to prevent the minimal height issue you mentioned.

    Hmm, from your description, it sounds like it might be a css issue? You’re using custom themes so just make sure the vertical css matches what’s in the original anythingslider.css file to make the slides work properly. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it might be easier for me to help if you provided a demo of the code to make it easier for me to help troubleshoot the problem.


    Thanks. Setting the width and height did the job.

    The other issue? Well, sometimes there is an advantage in accidentally overwriting a file: when rewriting the header and the footer templates the problem seems to have disappeared. Leaves me only with the problem of not knowing what I did wrong.
    Probably something went wrong with the sequence in which stuff was loaded.
    With the $(slider) and $(slider2) scripts hardcoded into the footer things do not work. Using a plugin (HiFi) to add the scripts to the footer works.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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