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    Hi all,

    thaks for this very nice script. I have embed it in a web page with a content witch need to reload the page when the options are changed.

    i need to keep the active tab when this one is reloaded instead to go back to the first tab.

    ie: i have different calendar in the tabs. And my calendar need to reload the page when the period is changed. i would stay on the same tab when the page is reloaded.

    Is someone know how i could do it?

    my idea perhaps i’m worng) is to read the active “#&panel1-x” (with x the number of the slice) before to reload and inject it in the url.
    then how could i read the #&panel1-x parameter when reloading.

    thanks :)



    Hi Mottie,

    no i don’t have the slider in any iframe, directly on the page.
    But i have a script in the slider witch request the page reload to change the date range.

    i’m not strong in java / ajax far of it it’s why i’m posting here to look if it’s possible to let the slider know the current tab/slice before page reload and come back on the same tab/slice.



    ok thanks, where do i put this code in s pecific reload function? or in the slider definition ?
    or like that:

    exucse my newbies question but i’m not a master in javascript.


    Hi i’ll try to help you to help me then :)
    my page is
    there are 4 tabs (Navacelles, Les Aresquiers, St Ghuilem and Maguelone)

    the hole page is reloaded, but the calendar add params at the end of the url.

    Thank you veru much to take time to help me, really appreciate :)


    Hello Mottie,

    thank you very very much for your help :) i’ll check all of this.
    Very precious help, and very quick answering :) you’re the best.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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