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    i have a page that has an ‘anything slider’ image running on it. i want to just remove the hyper link associated to it when image is hovered over. i tried deleting files related to this, but i can’t seem to find them all, as the area is still hyperlinked with url. any help would be appreciated.



    Possibly not the best solution:

    ….but if you don’t want the image to be clickable…just remove the link completely.


    Hi thealexangroup!

    Can you clarify which link you are trying to disable? A demo, code and/or more details would help a great deal.


    yeah, sorry, i’m not familiar with the inner workings of the “anything slider” or most code in general.

    i’m basically trying to find the file that has the url details so i can delete it (and if i figure this out maybe i can exchange the link with my own.) anyway, this is the page:

    the ‘slider’ box is at top and is disabled from moving. the hyperlink is what i just want out (or replaced) i figured i could just find an html file and that would be that, but nooooooooo, it has to be complicated. ;)

    i don’t know what other details one needs. let me know.


    I’m still not sure what you mean, but when I look at that page you shared, I see that there are some javascript errors – specifically that jQuery is not defined.

    When I checked this url (ext/jquery/jquery-1.7.2.min.js) the file doesn’t exist. So fix that first, then share a specific example, like this url (http://….) is what I want, and this ___ is what I want to do with it.


    hi Mottie,

    okay, what i did was re-enable the “ext” named folder which had the js query files. i put the original banner image back as well. so this is how it looked originally at:

    so basically, i just wanted to use my own banner image AND, if possible, change the image hyper link, which went to, with my own url.

    so, if i knew where/how to ‘change’ url links, that’s all i wanted to do.



    Umm, the image link is pointing to your site :

    The link redirect needs to be changed in the “redirect.php” file **not** the image slider.


    hi Mott,

    actually, my site is a replicate site of (where redirect is actually going to.) so as an affiliate, you can see why i don’t want a redirect to that page. i checked out the redirect.php and it’s greek to me. here is what “redirect.php” file looks like at this link:

    like i said prior, the image i want to use and link will be different. i have the image and know where that goes, i’m still at a loss as to where to put my replacement url details (into what file should it go.)
    maybe i should say ‘how’ to put my url into ‘what’ file.


    Sorry, I’m not good with php, you’ll probably have to start a new thread with a specific question.


    -if anyone is interested- SOLVED IT

    must be REALLY getting old and had my “duh” moment, i finally figured out where the associated links to the anything-slider images were. i checked the “install” folder that i deleted after setting up site, and looked through all the folders and files and found that the details i needed were found in the “SQL” file. so i just went to my cPanel (phpMyAdmin) and changed urls from there.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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