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    sorry for the poor explanation…

    my client wants to have a picture of manchester on the page, and when you click that picture, it will reveal the contact details for the manchester branch. i have no idea how to do this. i was looking on google for some kinda plugins or something, but i haven’t found anything.

    so, quite simply, i need to have a pic on the screen, and when you click it, it either slides away, or disappears to reveal the text behind it..

    here is the page i am talking about… it’s just the details at the moment, so they would need to be hidden by the pictures and then appear when they are clicked!

    if you guys could help me out you would make my week for sure!!!



    the top fades. the bottom uses a click.


    oh dude, thank you so much.

    seriously, that’s like exactly what i need and i really appreciate you helping me. that’s gonna be perfect.

    i could kiss you!!!

    thanks man, i’m gonna break it apart and try and put it in my site now!

    you are a legend. :D


    this is how it came out. it looks great and it’s more than i had hoped for so i wanted to thank you again dude. you have really sorted me out! :D


    awesome! glad i could help!

    One thing though. if you go back and forth over the images they seem to flash. add this:


    before the animate. example:


    it will fix the issue. let me know when you did that so i can check it out again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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