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    i’m a complete noob when it comes to cms and i’ve been asked by a friend if i could do a site for him with a cms and i’ve been looking around and people say joomla is one of the best around. i was wondering if anyone knew any tutorial series are available on the web so i can learn it in a week or so. he has a html site already made i just need to apply a cms to it so he can add pictures to it himself


    The Doc is talking sense!

    I dislike Joomla for several reasons. Firstly, it tends to produce horrible markup with tables in it – or it did last time i tested it.

    Secondly, I dislike the number of ‘paid for’ extensions that they tout on their website. IMO, since Joomla is GPL all plugins should also be released under the GPL, or a compatible license. See for my reasoning.

    I would give WordPress a try, it’s incredibly popular and tremendously versatile. And it’s not just for blogs. To get an idea of what you can do with WordPress you might want to check out one of my soon to be released sites *shameless plug alert!*.



    we can make joomla tableless.


    Rob MacKay

    I would have to agree with Doc and Dave – I found joomla far too chunkey and clumsey… When he says CMS, what does he actually want to do?



    well what i’m planning on doing is a way for a photographer to upload images to their site, also have 2 more sites which are for bands and they will probably want to be able to update the content by themselves. I’ve tried using zen photo and it works on my computer when i use wamp but when i put it on to a server that i paid for it doesn’t work at all which is a pain in the ass for me. don’t buy from they seem to be missing alot of stuff.

    i’ve worked with wordpress a little bit starting off with starkers theme and just messing around with positioning and stuff



    also theres been jobs popping up for people that knows how to use joomla so it would be great if i could actually learn it so i’d have some income while i’m in my final year in uni



    There are listings for these types of jobs not just due to demand though. Some people just say "Joomla", "Drupal", "Random Name", because they don’t actually know what they want/need.

    These are huge, massive, clunky CMS’s that require an advanced knowledge to set up (and, in most cases, even for the client to use it can be confusing, not exactly a simple CMS).


    Rob MacKay

    you could have a look here: … -template/


    Ninja Clone

    Agreed with TheDoc. Personally don’t like joomla and all of those table-based CMS.
    Also heard Joomla crashes with 1500+ visitors/day but I heard a long time ago.
    But the trick is here in Russia/Ukraine/ex-USSR Joomla is rather popular thing and there many people are asking for Joomla coding. Well, these same people are asking for table-based coding for their regular sites, so you’ve got the idea. has some tutorials on Joomla templates topic.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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