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    hi guys,

    i was wondering if you would be able to help me with this one…

    i have been working on some contact forms and catalogue ordering forms and now i want to be able to send the results to an email address.

    i sometimes use templates at work which have all the code in them and i just change the address that it is sent to and voila.

    however in this case it doesn’t seem to be working and i was wondering if their was a robust contact form and .php file out there that could sort me out?

    basically, i don’t understand the php, but i think that it looks for certain ids in the html and with an action="contact.php" and method="post" it will send activate the contact.php, but i don’t understand much else.

    If anyone could help me out, or point me to a good tutorial i would be very grateful! i know about wufoo, but really i want to actually understand the process rather than use something that will forever keep me in the dark!

    many thanks in advance!

    Chris Coyier

    So you’ve already heard of Wufoo so no need to beat that drum…

    Here’s the thing about sending email with PHP. It’s super easy at it’s root level…


    Everything you see about PHP scripts for sending mail that is more complicated than that is 1) making it more secure 2) adding more features 3) is dealing with stuff like receiving the stuff via POST and 4) dealing with error handling.


    thanks chris!

    I recently watched your wufoo screencast and joined up. i think that will be a big part of my future form building but i just need to close off these last few.

    thanks for breaking it down to the root level. that is what you do so well. from there i can build my way up. cheers!


    I think CForms provided a few features that made it a perfect fit for my client and due to the plugin’s flexibility, it’s able to fit every one of my clients. It’s very powerful, very capable, and gives me the ability to fit multiple needs. Did I mention it’s free?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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