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    here is my project in a nutshell:
    – website for an artist cooperative apartment complex.
    – web team edits pages about the co-op.
    – artists have profiles they can update in a very limited way.

    That limited way consists of having 2 types of forums the artists in the building can fill out. The process would look like this:

    1. New user registration.
    They fill in name, headshot photo, brief bio, website URL, twitter, etc.
    This can be edited later but is required now.

    2. moderator approves user.

    3. they can add projects.
    They fill out a form with a project title, description, flickr/youtube/soundcloud URL for the CMS to embed, style, generate URL, and display on its end.

    Any number of new projects can be added. The artist can log in and change the “fields,” but never ever get to choose anything stylistically in order for all the profiles look uniform and consistent in design.

    if an artist were to log in their options would be
    “edit profile”
    “add project”
    “edit project ______”
    “edit project ______”
    “edit project ______”
    “edit project etc…”

    And so that is my task at the moment. That all being said, what CMS is the best candidate? what types of people would I need on a development team? would I need a PHP programmer? thank you very much for looking over my question. I’m on a quest to find the best possible CMS solution for this project, and I really appreciate any help and advice I can get.

    oh, and please don’t think I just want a CMS suggestion any and all ideas about any aspect would be stellar!

    I should also probably mention that my budget is 300-500 bucks. I’m doing this all for free with a couple other volunteers. the coop gave is a small bit of money for things. I was considering finding a commercial CMS that would work really well. maybe expression engine?


    no veterans have any idea how they might tackle such a project?


    Tipped 2.0 is out. I share this with you:

    now can I haz help too?


    I would use WordPress or this. That being said, I am a WordPress developer and I don’t use any other CMS.

    If you were to do the wordpress theme, you would need a:

    • Web Designer
    • Front-end Web Developer
    • WordPress Developer

    Those 3 jobs may even be done by the same person, but they are 3 different jobs.

    300-500 is nothing near what a site like that would be worth (Assuming you are designing it, converting to html + css and also turning it into a functional wordpress theme).

    The company I work for would probably charge a client around $4300 for a project like that.


    yes, it’s a volunteer project/pro bono.
    the budget is just to buy things like the webspace and a commercial CMS if we go that route.

    as far as wordpress goes… I never liked how much you have to customize it to convert it from a blog to a CMS. I’ll keep that option open at the next meeting though.


    I’ve never felt that WordPress handles multiple users well enough to make a system like that work.

    I’ve only dabbled in EE so I can’t comment too much on it.


    hey DesignVassal, I was making some research on a subscribe and login, and well, I made a series of files in ColdFusion to Validate, insert and back-end validation in ColdFusion without the need of a CMS… I mean, you could use a CMS for the interface. I have some ideas that you might like :D


    I would agree with jamy_za. The amount of greatly customisable plugins, tutorials to point you in the right direction and the fact its free – wordpress would be your best starting point. See if you can break down all of the functionality step by step and then start looking for relevant tutorials?

    I hope this helps,

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