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    Hello everybody,

    I’m looking for a tool that will allow testing my websites in various browsers (mainly chrome, firefox, opera, safari and Internet Explorer [including older of all these browsers] ). I usually used adobe’s browser lab for this, but since I i got new MacBook and upgraded OSX to 10.8.2 , I couldn’t get browser lab to work on any browser for some reason (It just freezes all the time).
    And I rather have a native app installed on my machine, so I don’t need to access third-party websites all the time. Furthermore, it would be nice if same app provided possibility to test websites in mobile browsers at various resolutions.

    Can anyone suggest such tool? if not free, at leas at decent price.

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    BrowserStack — not free, but you do get a free set amount of time to use it’s full capability when you sign up at first — nothing is required as far as just registering :) It has everything, from Mobile emulation of most standard phones to every browser out there. Give it a try!

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