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    Hello I’m working on building a wedding website for my fiance and I. I use html and css at work regularly but this is my first fully built website. Please let me know your thoughts. I’m considering entering the web design/development world – need to know if I have the potential chops…


    I like it looks nice


    Not bad. It’s a pretty good design, nice colour scheme and all, and and interesting set up (the single page site with scrolling sections).

    The only thing I’d change right now is the whole dictionary aspect of it. The phonetic tags are just useless and doesn’t make a lick of sense, same goes for the humming bird definition in the guestbook. The hummingbird part is perfectly fine, but I just can’t see the relevance of the dictionary thing.


    cool idea.

    I like the overall site but agree with the post above about the phonetic text. I also think it would be useful to be able to move throught the different areas without having to use the nav at the top, even just an arrow on the left and right of the page would be helpful.

    Andy Staple

    I like the design of it, but agree the phonetic additions seem a bit out of place, unless it somehow ties into what the bride and/or groom do.

    I also am getting a vertical scrollbar in chrome with no need for one. Not sure why that is.


    Wow.. Its fantastic. Really like it.


    Hello everybody,

    I agree with you about the phonetics but that’s what the bride wanted and who am I to argue?

    EhhWhat – I like the idea of having an arrow on the right and left of the page. I may implement that.

    Thanks for the feedback everybody, I really appreciate it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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