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    I`m using a twitter jquery plugin to get the latest tweets inside a div and i want to add " follow us on twitter " under the tweet but i can`t do this


    latest tweets

    follow us on twitter

    this is a screenshot [img][/img]

    this is my code but i don`t know why ? when the plugin gets the tweets the anchor tag appears above it instead of under it ? so how can i solve this ?

    Rob MacKay

    the jQuery is probably appending it to the div #tweet, that means it appears after all the content in there already. See if there is a way to make it prepend.

    Have a look at these two links and you will see what I mean :)


    thanks but i`m not very good with Javascripts or jquery i had troubles to make those small scripts work :D so i have managed to solve the problem by CSS by addind 2 extra divs one which holds the anchor tag and one to hold the 2 2 divs (tweets) & (the div conatcins the anchor tag) and with positioning i managed to make exactly how i wanted :)

    i have another question if u can help me with it will be great i want to use Cufon too and i have linked the it in the header and the font.js file too but how can i add the Cufon.replace in the script tag in the header with the other 2 scripts ??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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