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    I’m working on a minimal design for myself, I’ve tested in in Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari
    and I think it degrades nicely in IE8
    When you click on a date in the timeline it adds a class “open” to the element which adds 60px to the height
    But for some reason, on mobile safari this doesn’t work

    I’ve tried using .attr(‘class’,’open’); and .addClass(‘open’); which both work fine in normal browsers

    Anybody come accross this before?

    Here’s the work in progress (far from complete)


    Must be something with that nano function in your .js file. If you remove everything before the var ua = navigator.userAgent line, it does work on iPhone.


    What’s the reasoning behind such a small scroll area Karl?


    Fair enough, my only concern is that it’s a bit of a nightmare usability wise :(

    I’d rather have a single page that scrolled instead of multiple scrolling elements.


    I think it’s pretty interesting, but maybe you could come up with a more original way to show it?


    Haha, I know the feeling!


    It’s certainly harder designing with a set of restrictions in place. I took that approach for my weblog; I wanted readability the focus, and that imposed a set of rules I needed to work within. I really enjoyed the process though, although I am always tempted to make changes to it.

    My advice would be to design for you, rather than for some award that you may or may not win.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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