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    I am trying to enhance some of the features of a website for my brother’s html website; I understand some html but I never quite got this concept.

    Here it is, I found a widget/plugin that we need to have on various pages of the website (a sliding contact form). There are several of these out there, free to use and the download, they usually consist of a zip file with >>

    something.css, something.js index.html and maybe a something.php (to send the mail).

    When I launch index.html, there it is, the sliding form just like I am looking for but how the do I get that index.html into the “about us” page of my website without damaging formatting, spacing, font etc…

    We thought; [per the instructions] “sliding form”) (

    1. add (cut and paste) the script and style into the <head> section of our site
    2. copy the html code for the sliding form itself into my page (anywhere between the <body> tags)
    3. modify the php file to send to our email address
    4. copy the css files into the css folder of my site and the same for the js file

    But when I do my form doesn’t display correctly and know it is something simply that I am doing or not doing. I am self-taught and don’t mean to take up your time but this is frustrating because I know we don’t have the funds to pay someone to do this and I want to be able once and for all to know how to add widgets/plugins the correct way to an html website..

    “Our website”) []


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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