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    Hi all,

    Just a really quick question. What is the difference between using

    a	 	 { color:#999; }


    a:link	 { color:#999; }

    in a stylesheet? Which one “should” I use?



    Plain a also applies to anchor that don’t have a href attribute set, while a:link only applies to anchor tags that have one.

    As to which one you should use, if you don’t need that distinction, you don’t really need to specify :link I guess… just keep in mind that if there are definitions for both a and a:link, a:link will be used where appropriate since it is more specific — that caused confusion for me before.


    @Johann is spot on. I never use a:link (but I don’t use anchors without hrefs). Not sure why @tannercampbell attempted to further clarify, his information is not entirely accurate; you do not need to use a:link, using a on its own is almost always fine.


    One thing that occured to me before, but which I didn’t use yet, is using anchor tags without hrefs for javascript “links” (buttons that do stuff without going to a new page) – not because it makes any sense semantically, but because it’s a one character tag instead of a class, which easily wins over semantics for me :P

    But I always thought that then the hover state would be the same for both. Now I fiddled a bit:

    Yay! D’oh, too :D

    Also perhaps of interest:

    Eric Meyer: Who Ordered the Link States?


    @Johann you would also need to use cursor: pointer; for the anchors with no hrefs.


    Yeah, I always forget that :D


    Thanks very much for your replies, much appreciated. I’ve never used a:link before and this just clarified that I probably never will either! It is just another one of those little css things that I’ve always wondered about but never really taken the time to look into :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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