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    A buddy of mine owns a plumbing company and was thinking of starting their web presence. He asked me to throw something together real-quick for them to look at.

    Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
    this is just the mock-up, it’s still i the idea stage.


    I like it, colors and layout are nice! Only thing I would do different is the footer, maybe a bottom sticky footer or something. Other than that it looks good in my opinion.


    Not bad.

    The shadow on the footer is really heavy though, you’ll want to turn that down quite a bit. Web design is all about the subtleties, I can’t stress that enough! (Actually, the shadows on the left and right as well).

    I’ve never really liked a centered navigation. I would align that to the left, personally.

    Don’t indent paragraphs.

    I think the blue might need to be toned down a little bit as well.

    All in all you’ve got a decent structure going, just need to start adding finishing touches here and there.


    That blue’s.. horribly vivid. Tone the saturation down and it’d be fine.
    The logotype is very facebook, but that’s no real problem.

    I’d shrink the Hatch Plumbing copyright in the footer down a bit though. To the size of the rest of the footer writing.
    And then get rid of the footer links. No real need for them. Maybe you could replace it with a text version of the address from the top right. So a user could copy the phone no or zip code if they needed to. Which I do so many times a day its not funny.

    I’d also re-arrange the links, and put About Us after Services.

    And I’d shrink the Welcome! heading down a bit, it’s competing with the links. And then perhaps, if you can, take the body text down a tiny little bit. But not too much.

    Solid structure as TheDoc said. It’s shaping up well.


    Thank you all very much!

    as of right now this is the converted XHTML of the above mock-up.





    The paper at the top is supposed to look like its coming out from behind the nav right? There needs to be some sort of separation between them. I might put a top and bottom border on the nav. I think it should stand a bit out more.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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