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    Just updated my new portfolio site and im itching for some feedback….anything is appreaciated. THX

    THX in advance

    "xheathen" wrote:
    Overall, it’s a nice clean site. The menu wasn’t 100% apparent on it’s location when I first looked at it, but I like the look quite a bit.

    I didn’t understand what the little compass things were until you clicked on one, which I found out were the services. What I might do instead is use some of the same jquery slick-ness you’ve got there, and instead of linking to another "services page" the content of those topics are small enough to put in a fader / slider / tabular menu. I might suggest creating something that lets the user know those are your services, and then they can check them out without leaving the homepage.

    What is causing the… hiccup, for lack of a better term, when you move from one page to another? It’s like the headers and everything have to resize themselves when any new page is loaded.

    THX for the review… I am not sure about the hiccup I have not really experienced in any of the browsers/computers I have checked it in (how long is it lasting?)….i think your right about services section but my thougtht was it might be too much for the homepage.


    When in the Blog the main menu does not have a current state

    Also I can barely see the fields in your contact form. I’m using a 19" widescreen high def monitor that’s calibrated so it should be a monitor issue on my end.

    The compass images confused me as well.

    Great look over all! Really like the concept.


    Your logo is vaguely familar …. oh yeah its simple bits …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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