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    I’ve created a basic 4 column grid, each with 25% width inside a 100% width wrapper. I’ve noticed the last column and row sometimes has an additional 2-5 pixels depending on the browser width.

    I remember someone here had a similar issue with a 3 column grid using 33.33% widths, but I couldn’t seem to locate the post.

    has anyone experienced a similar issue? Is there a fix?




    They will definitely need to be different widths sometimes but you shouldn’t be seeing 2-5 pixels. I’m seeing just 1px being added to one or two of the boxes and not necessarily the last column or row.

    What browser are you seeing this in? I’m viewing in Chrome. Lots of browsers have different ways of handling the rounding.



    First off your div.grid has padding of 5px; That is what is spacing at least 5px on the top, bottoms, left and right. Take that out or zero that out. That will fix your issue.


    And the borders on each of those if of course not the best way to do the gutters.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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