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    Chris would you mind sharing more detailed info on how you hosted the special URL with Amazon S3? I need to host a URL for an audio broadcast not video. I was using jwplayer but was having issues with it playing through a WordPress page in Firefox. It works in a static HTML page no problem though.

    Originally I was trying to figure out a way to have a session or cookie that when a user logs into the membership page they are given a URL (so it can be played in any media player on their computer or device) but cant share it like you mentioned!

    Im working on a project for sports broadcasting that would be broadcasting to listeners all over the world. Im trying to bring this service back. Previously they would have 20,000 + listeners.

    Its a big, but small project for me. I have all the broadcast stuff figured out, except this way of avoiding browser issues.

    Thanks, Clayton

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    cc @chriscoyier

    For others interested, here’s a link to the episode:

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    Sweet thanks a lot for sharing that @chriscoyier – Thanks @thedoc for your assistance


    when using this technique is that serving a URL or just playing through a media player? Im streaming a live URL from another server. So I wouldnt actually be hosting anything with s3 would I?

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