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sam parmenter


Could you name a few of the other frameworks that you use for smaller projects as I am finding that for most sites I am building there is simply no need for foundation and the features it gives me. I know I can pare it down but its built in a way to allow complete integration with all the other features / plugins which tends to add bloat regardless of the few features you use.

I would like to have your views on a few alternatives that I might use as currently for smaller projects I am simply using normalize and the html5 boilerplate to start with which has been modified to use SASS and Compass for some variables and mixins.

Its hard to decide how good a framework will be without testing it a bit first and I simply don’t have the time to give each framework the required time. They also all have a tendency to claim that they are the best thing since sliced bread regardless of quality.

Any thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated.