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There is a skip the intro button in the top right corner as well as mute button :)

I didn’t notice that at all. In fact, after you pointed it out, I still didn’t see it right away. I’d say that it needs to be more obvious.

As for the sequence itself, I’ll comment on three parts:

The beginning (where the circle expands and we see bubbles, code, etc.) is pretty neat.

The middle (after the circle collapses again, and you describe your design process) seems slow. Even the first time I watched it, it seemed to take a painfully long time.

The ending (where the screen changes color several times and then reveals your site) seems tacked-on – it doesn’t seem to contribute anything. I think one transition, directly to your site, might be better. (In fact, I think the middle and end could be left off entirely with no ill effect.)

Overall, impressive work – well-executed.