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You know, I’ve done some free work myself. Some of those clients turned into paying customers, but I can say that a few haven’t. I suppose you need really good judgment in this area, and though the general consensus is not to do free work, there are a few cases where you might. I think it also has a lot to do with how you present yourself and the expectations you have.

@chrisburton It seems that some haven’t had such great luck with charity work either:

“As for charities, I’ve also done my share of those freebies. Unfortunately, they have never worked out. The one rule I always put forth for charitable work is that I do one version and that’s what they get. They asked me to do the work because I am a professional, so they need to trust my professional ability. The evil part is when someone on the board of directors or one of the elders with time on his/her hands wants to play art director so they can boast to their friends about how they “designed the web site,” is when I have to walk away. I’ve done plenty of walking while the charity finds an art student to design the work for free.” Source

Oh, and this website cracks me up! Man after finding Jessica Hische on Twitter I literally can’t stop laughing now. Handerpants, really?