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SFTP uses SSH, which requires the use of command line.

No. Any decent FTP client, with or without a GUI, should be able to connect via SFTP.

Is the standard FTP reliable, or should I be using SFTP?

Up to you. Some people say there’s no reason to ever use an unsecure connection. (And there isn’t, really.) Of course, it will depend on the project, as well.

However, understand that it’s not a “reliability” issue. SFTP won’t make your uploads any more or less successful; just harder to eavesdrop on.

I have zero knowledge of that [the command line]

Great opportunity to learn. : )

What OS do you use? SSH a bit of a pain on windows, but on a Mac (or, especially on linux), it is quick, easy, and soooooooo much nicer than FTP.

ssh [email protected], type your password, and you’re in. Most linux flavors even support SSH from the desktop environment (you can browse your server just as if it were a folder on your desktop).