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Why don’t you talk with your client/friend. Iron out your concerns with them, and get the detailed scope of the project… on paper, signed.

Tell them this is the only way you will proceed.

Basically, we came to an agreement on price for web design, which I believed was for design only.

“which I believe”… you either know or you don’t. If this is not clear from the start, do not proceed!!!

uploading their own unique content

You should be designing from the start with their own unique content or content representative of what eventually will end up there.

I know you’re just starting and probably going guns blazing into this situation without taking some very important steps to ensure you provide best service possible. Think about your reputation going forward. You want this “friend” badmouthing you for terrible service you provided.

As a service provider, you are the professional, you need to manage the expectations and set boundaries. Clients for the most part have no clue about design or the design process. They heard “web design” and most likely decided to put EVERYTHING under that umbrella. This is why it’s important to KNOW exactly what you’re providing and what the client is receiving. If not you WILL LOSE MONEY.

Time === Money

Sorry I rambled on. Anyways… it’s really simple. Just talk to them. Be human.