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PS just seems like too much of an application for what most web designers need in my experience.

I think newcomers (even seasoned ones) are starting to learn that most designs can be done in programs like Sketch faster, cleaner and with precision.

I agree. I came pretty late to the game, and was under the impression, based on several popular sites, blogs, etc…that PS was the way to go. Then I discovered Fireworks, and it blows PS out of the water. I have Sketch, and that is a pretty slick program too. New options are popping up like crazy, even a new one by an original FW dev.

as for the OP, I would recommend installing WordPress locally, if that’s your thing. Build sites on your own computer, experiment, play with them, trash them, re build them, all the while looking around on line about building themes and you will definitely get to where you need to go.

As for sites, my favs are this one, obviously, Treehouse, Lynda, and Codeschool. All of them cost, but they are beyond worth it for what they offer.