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Tom Houy

It looks like there are some hidden navigation arrows that are directly underneath the slider, which is what is causing that extra gap at the bottom. They are currently set to “display: hidden”, which will make them invisible but they will still take up space:

<div style="visibility: hidden;" class="tp-leftarrow tparrows navbar hidearrows"></div>
<div style="visibility: hidden;" class="tp-rightarrow tparrows navbar hidearrows"></div>

But if if they are changed to this instead, they will be invisible and not take up any space either.

<div style="display:none !important;" class="tp-leftarrow tparrows navbar hidearrows"></div>
<div style="display:none !important;" class="tp-rightarrow tparrows navbar hidearrows"></div>

(The addition of “!important” might not be necessary, and it would be best to leave that out if it works without it.)

I would check through the settings more carefully for the slider to make sure there aren’t any more options to completely disable the navigation arrows. And perhaps contact the plugin developer regarding that issue if you can’t find a solution within the admin panel for the slider.