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Ok, what you have to do is…

Split your design into sections, so add all the header information in header.php which will appear on the top of every page, such as:


Then everything you want to add to the homepage put in the index.php file, something like:

home image

Welcome to Emerge Prosthetics!

EMERGE is a prosthetic Company specializing in empowering the lives of amputees by way of creating lifelike silicone prosthetics. By
forging a memorable and collaborative experience, our fervent hope is that we will meet and exceed expectations.

We hope this website will prove to be an invaluable resource to those interested in seeking prosthetic rehabilitation. Please take advantage of the information provided on our website!

Better Solutions for your rehabilitation

We strive to provide the best service and product possible. Learn what makes our company special and how we can better serve your needs. Something here to fill the space and push the link more towrds the bottom of the page…there…nice!!

Read more about the features we have to offer…

Find out what’s going on in the industry

We understand that finding pertinent information can be difficult. We do our best to provide up-to-date information on events and innovations in the prosthetic industry. Let us keep you informed on all the latest and greatest in the field.

Learn more about what’s happening in your world…

Become part of the bigger picture & join the discussion

Tell us what you think! It’s your opinion that matters. We want your voice to be heard and let us know what affects your everyday life. Gotta fill more in here as well because the link also needs to be pushed down and I will think of better text later.

Join and interact with others and learn stuff…

How do I best utilize the information on this site?

Paul Rothchild, of Emerge Prosthetic Arts is committed to providing fresh and insiteful information and topics for amputees, prosthetists & Othotists, Physical Therapists, etc. He wants to make a diffrence and needs more text here to fill it in so I will change it later.

With everyone’s involvement a change can be made for the better. So with even more text we can change later is really important now because I really don’t know whta to write becasue writing is hard and I should probably write stuff here that will help my search-a-bility.

Find out more about Emerge and stuff so here’s a link…

Emerge video

Then lastly in the footer.php add the bottom bit of the website, like so:


Now even with that simple bit of work (You might need to re-point some of your images as they are in different directories now) you have the website working.

Now you have to add wordpress custom code to then make it dynamic, so as The Doc said above, check out: and this will tell you how to add stuff, the most basic one needed is add: <?php the_content(); ?> to the page and that then means all the text you add into the admin will appear there.

If you need anymore help, just shout in the post, or send me a private message.

Hope this helps.