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I’m afraid that I agree with StevenBullen.

Too long to load – lose the flash. I think if you’re trying to sell something you should get right to the content that’ll lead folks to stay around long enough to buy.

I tried uploading both a very small and then a rather large JPG, using both Firefox 11.0 and Safari 5.1.4. Never succeeded in getting either image to appear in the preview.

If there are size (in pixels) constraints for the image being uploaded, the visitor needs to know these. Or better yet, some sort of behind-the-scenes resizer that works quickly.

The 3 pairs of tools/controls (zoom, refresh?, and I don’t know what the last one is) aren’t very intuitive. Clicking on the magnify brought up a blue box, but resizing it didn’t do anything and I couldn’t move it over the face cutout area in the preview graphic.

This is an ambitious preview function and could be really neat if it worked, but my experience trying to use it tells me it’s far from being ready.